10 Cooler Weather French Nail Designs for Winter

Black Diamond

Consider this manicure as a finger-based after-hours celebration. The French tips, in silver and black, are incredibly brilliant. 

Glitter Bomb 

This Christmas French manicure with lots of glitter is quite eye-catching. To achieve the look, use Party in a Bottle's Ella + Mila's Polish ($11). 

Sparkle and Shine 

The season is all about glitter and gold, and this manicure has both. The exquisite decals featuring gemstones provide the ideal last accent. 

Tiramisu Tip 

Think of this design as an abstract version of your favorite comforting winter dessert, such as white chocolate swirls, tiramisu, or peppermint. 

Burgundy Beauty 

Burgundy is a stunning winter color that often gets overlooked, so don't write it off. Add a black baby French tip to bring out the rich shade. The finished effect is gloomy and perfect for winter. 

Midnight Blue 

This striking blue French manicure has all the festive vibes with a dash of refinement. It's a hue that is truly underestimated for the holiday season. To get a similar effect, use OPI's Nail Lacquer ($12) in Chopstix and Stones or Zoya's Nail Lacquer ($12) in Jen. 

Chrome Heart 

A French manicure in chrome is always stylish for the winter. But the striking metal decals that give each nail more depth and character are what really make this mani stand out from the crowd. 

Crystal Clear 

Turn the pattern over to elevate your wintertime French manicure. Go for a milky white foundation with clear, jelly-like tips. The unanticipated nail appearance is very striking. 

Gold Mine 

This thin gold French tip is quite dainty and tiny, but it makes a big impression. The metallic French steals the stage thanks to the delicate sheer, shimmering base that complements it so well. 

Seeing Red 

A playful variation on the traditional shape is a Chevron French tip. To get this look, use a cherry red nail paint, such as Gitti's Vegan Nail Color ($14) in Real Red. 

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