10 DIY Vertical Garden Ideas to Show off Your Green Thumb

Use an old pallet as a vertical planter. Attach landscape fabric to the back, fill each section with soil, and plant your favorite herbs, flowers, or succulents. Lean it against a wall or fence for a rustic and space-efficient garden. 

Pallet Vertical Garden: 

Install gutters horizontally along a wall or fence and use them as planters. This works well for growing herbs, small flowers, or even strawberries. Make sure to provide adequate drainage for each gutter section. 

Hanging Gutter Garden: 

Repurpose a hanging shoe organizer by filling each pocket with soil and planting small herbs or flowers. Hang it on a sturdy wall or fence, creating a functional and colorful vertical garden. 

Shoe Organizer Green Wall: 

Place an old wooden ladder horizontally against a wall or fence. Attach wooden planks or boards to the steps to create shelves for your potted plants. This tiered ladder design allows for various plant sizes and adds a charming touch to your garden. 

Wooden Ladder Plant Stand: 

Attach terracotta pots to a wooden board or directly onto a wall using strong hooks. Plant a variety of herbs, flowers, or succulents in the pots, creating a visually appealing and space-saving vertical garden. 

Hanging Terracotta Pot Wall: 

Repurpose old wooden picture frames by attaching wire mesh to the back. Fill the frames with soil and plant succulents or small herbs in each section. Hang the frames on a wall to create a living piece of art. 

Picture Frame Planters: 

Mount rain gutters horizontally along a wall to create shelves for your plants. Arrange the gutters at different heights for added visual interest. This method is ideal for growing herbs, small vegetables, or flowers. 

Rain Gutter Shelves: 

Use PVC pipes as vertical planters for herbs. Attach the pipes to a wall or fence, ensuring they have proper drainage holes. Plant herbs in each section for a functional and aromatic vertical garden. 

Vertical Herb Garden with PVC Pipes: 

Cut plastic bottles in half, fill them with soil, and plant flowers, herbs, or small vegetables. Arrange the bottles in a grid pattern on a wall, creating an eco-friendly and colorful vertical garden. 

Recycled Bottle Vertical Garden: 

Create a stylish vertical garden using cedar boards. Build a rectangular frame with multiple shelves for planting your favorite greenery. This design adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space. 

Cedar Wall Planter: 

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