10 Rose Nail Art Ideas to Channel Your Inner Belle

Add a few red accent nails to liven up an otherwise boring bubblegum pink manicure. We adore how the white and black flowers accentuate the backdrop color without taking over. 

Pink Perfection

Choose to top a bare nail with pink, flowering blooms, à la Betina Goldstein, the celebrity nail artist. The end effect is a stunning manicure that is both sophisticated and subtle.  

In Full Bloom 

Try painting just the heads of your roses if you're new to nail art; asymmetrical blobs make it simple to create a bird's eye view. Give your base color enough time to completely dry before adding any details. 

Feeling Floral 

This little, little, itsy bitsy bouquet of roses has us smitten. (And by miniscule, we mean less than a quarter.) Add some texture to your nail art to make it even better. Using SISSI 3D Clay, this adorable tiny item was created. 

3D Bouquet 

Nail stickers are certainly a godsend for those of us with extremely unstable hands. If you're pressed for time or simply don't want to take off your polish, simply apply a few rose nail decals, top coat, and you're set to go. 

Just Stick It 

We adore how this seductive manicure honors the various romantic themes, such as burning roses and stolen kisses. 

Sultry Sketche 

Different-colored blossoms on each nail provide rosiness. We love how negative space and a tiny white check print give this mani a window background—it'll brighten even the cloudiest days. 

La Vie En Rose 

Instead of just copying the rose, consider drawing inspiration from it for a less obvious take on the style. This manicure seems abstract because of the marbling and thin gold line, but you know exactly what it's suggesting. 

By Any Other Name 

Even though roses are inherently romantic, you might want to add some pink hues to really make the arrangement pop. Prevent items from appearing overly crowded or cutesy by sticking with a neutral or milky foundation hue. 

Lots of Love 

Achieve a subtle yet impactful manicure by applying a light hue to all of your nails and limiting your nail art to just one finger. This rose with stencil inspiration is ideal for the minimalist manicure. 

Thumbs Up 

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