10 Top Superfoods Everyone Needs to Try This Year

Are you looking for a simple approach to make a significant impact on your health and well-being in 2019? Whether you're still learning the ropes or are already eating healthily,

It may surprise you to learn that a single Brazil nut provides over 100% of your daily requirements for selenium, an underappreciated immune-boosting nutrient.

Brazil nut

We believe that this wellness-culinary hybrid trend will endure because this staple is both reasonably priced and easily obtainable in addition to being wholesome and adaptable.

Tinned fish

Presenting the "new matcha," which is devoid of caffeine. The plant known as moringa is most frequently seen in powder form. It tastes grassy and has a bright green tint, much like matcha (ground green tea leaves).


This fruit is the source of your favorite chocolate bar, and because of its remarkable nutritional qualities and amazing sustainability, it's also one of Whole Foods' top food trends for 2024.


We believe that this fruit ought to be a regular part of our meals, not just around Thanksgiving. In addition to having few calories and a wealth of minerals, including potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A,


You already know that eating yoghurt or savory fermented foods like kimchi isn't the only way to obtain probiotics, which are helpful bacteria for your stomach and general health.


Beyond the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, protein is a macronutrient that is necessary for cell creation and repair in our bodies. Furthermore, whereas protein is necessary in general,

Soy-based protein

Give up pushing the garnish aside! The majority of vegetables, cereals, and herbs produce microgreens, which are extremely immature and delicate leafy greens that have been proven to have higher quantities of



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