10 workplace behaviors typical of a Type A personality 

Type A individuals often set ambitious goals for themselves and are highly driven to achieve success in their careers. 

High Levels of Ambition: 

They are proactive and take initiative to get things done. They don't wait for instructions and prefer to be in control of their tasks and responsibilities. 

Proactive Approach: 

Type A personalities are competitive by nature. They strive to outperform others and seek opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities. 


There is a constant sense of urgency in their work. They prefer working quickly and efficiently, often setting tight deadlines for themselves. 

Sense of Urgency: 

Type A individuals may exhibit impatience, especially when faced with delays or inefficiencies. They value time and expect tasks to be completed promptly. 


They are skilled at multitasking and are comfortable juggling multiple responsibilities simultaneously. They thrive in fast-paced environments. 


Type A personalities tend to be extremely organized, with a preference for structured and systematic approaches to tasks and projects. 

Highly Organized:

They pay close attention to detail and are meticulous in their work. They strive for perfection and may be critical of mistakes or oversights. 

Attention to Detail:

It can be challenging for Type A individuals to relax and unwind. They may feel restless during downtime and prefer to stay active. 

Difficulty Relaxing: 

Type A personalities often take on leadership roles. They are assertive, decisive, and enjoy being in control of situations. 

Leadership Qualities:

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