11 Key Signs That Someone Has Feelings For You, According To Relationship Experts

Increased Communication: They initiate conversations regularly and show interest in your life, asking about your day, interests, and feelings.  

Active Listening: They pay close attention to what you say, remembering details and actively engaging in meaningful conversations.  

Seeking Your Company: They enjoy spending time with you and make an effort to be around you, whether in person or virtually.  

Body Language: Their body language indicates interest, such as leaning in when talking to you, maintaining eye contact, and mirroring your gestures.  

Showing Care: They display concern for your well-being, checking in on you when you're not feeling well or offering help when you need it.  

Remembering Details: They remember small details about your life, preferences, and important dates, indicating that they pay attention and value you.  

Sharing Personal Information: They open up about their own life, sharing personal stories and experiences, showing trust and a desire for deeper connection.  

Supporting Your Goals: They encourage and support your goals and dreams, showing genuine interest in your aspirations and wanting to see you succeed.  

Physical Touch: They might initiate subtle physical contact, like touching your arm during a conversation or finding reasons for casual touches  

They're Attentive: They notice changes in your mood or behavior, showing empathy and offering support when you seem down or upset.  

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