3 Campari Cocktails That Go Beyond a Basic Negroni

A taste for Campari is acquired by many drinkers. This famous amaro, with its ruby red color and distinctively bitter flavor, is a mainstay of the legendary Italian late-afternoon aperitivo hour. 

Even people who adore Campari in mixed drinks may be surprised by how good it tastes on its own.

Easy: Campari Soda

Pilsner and Campari? Although it may sound unconventional, give it a try before passing judgment. Pilsner beers naturally possess a sweet and bitter taste profile

Intermediate: Pilsner Negroni

The majority of drinks only call for a small amount of Campari, but bourbon has enough strength to complement a generous pour of the amaro.

Advanced: Italian Gentleman

 It's also an essential component in classic drinks beverages like the Negroni, the Paper Plane, as well as some of our favorite lesser-known variations, including this Napoleon cocktail with whiskey, or a Pomegranate spritz.

Campari is one of the most flexible components for cocktails because of its dual bittersweet nature and very modest alcohol content. Its striking color was actually caused by carmine dye,

which is made from insect shells, until a few years ago. They didn't transition to a synthetic replacement until 2006. 

. Here are three easy cocktails that you can mix with a single bottle of Campari. They're all gorgeous, refreshing, and have a hint of bitterness. Simple: Cam 

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