5 Impactful Astrological Remedies Of Peacock Feather

Peacock feathers have long been valued for their beauty and symbolism across cultures. 

Astrologically, they are said to have great restorative effects. Here are five effective astrological treatments related with peacock feathers:

Peacock feathers are believed to have a natural aura that repels negative energies and harmful influences. 

Warding off Negative Energies:

Peacock feathers are said to have a close association with Goddess Laxmi, the divinity of wealth and abundance.

Enhancing Financial Prosperity:

Peacock feathers are associated with Lord Kartikeya (sometimes spelled Murugan or Skanda), the deity of courage and knowledge.

Healing and Spiritual Growth:

In Vedic astrology, peacock feathers are related with the planet Mercury (Budh). It is thought that holding or wearing peacock feathers might help mitigate the negative consequences of a malefic Mercury in one's natal chart.

Remedying Malefic Planetary Influences:

Peacock feathers are also associated with Lord Krishna, the symbol of love and divine romance. Placing peacock feathers in the bedroom or utilizing them as decor helps improve love, affection, and harmony in relationships. 

Improving Relationships and Love Life:

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