Arizona lost nine players in 30 minutes to transfer portal when Jedd Fisch left.

Arizona football is without a coach after Jedd Fisch abruptly left for Washington.

Fisch and the university were "nearing the goal line" on an improved, restructured deal on Saturday, so the shift was unexpected.

Arizona knew Fisch, who guided the Wildcats to a 10-3 season with an Alamo Bowl triumph, was being pursued by Washington (who lost Kalen DeBoer to Alabama)

 and the NFL, and it appeared the university would pay to keep the talented 47-year-old.

Washington hired Fisch to replace DeBoer a day later. Just like that.

Arizona is bleeding profusely.

Nine players announced transfers in 30 minutes on Thursday.

San Diego State graduate Brent Brennan was swiftly hired to replace Fisch, but Tucson may have been damaged. 

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