Bills beat Steelers in frigid weather while Buccaneers defeat Eagles to advance in NFL playoff

Six games during the NFL's 'Super Wild Card Weekend' determine the next round.

Last to advance, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the defending NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles 32-9 Monday night to progress to the NFL playoffs divisional round. The Bucs play the Lions at 3 p.m. on Sunday.

A day after Buffalo was hit by a winter storm, the Bills defeated the Steelers on Monday. The National Weather Service reported 17 degrees in Buffalo at kickoff, making the game cold.

Snow-tossing supporters cheered each Bills score as they won 31-17.

After beating the Eagles Monday night, the Buccaneers advance to the NFL playoffs divisional round.

Buccaneers won with Mayfield's second and third touchdowns in the third and fourth quarters.

Many blame Mason Rudolph and the Steelers' play-calling. Referees are even lied to. Pickens and fans were frustrated.

That so, to blame the refs for the loss is a reach, given the pride and frustration that come with losing at the top level. Refs didn't cost Pittsburgh this game. Steelers fought and lost. Bills outplayed them. Still, Pickens' missed call capped a difficult game. We can't expect him to stay objective after losing.

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