Bills QB Josh Allen Under Fire for ‘Fake Slide’ Against Steeler

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen created history with a 52-yard touchdown run against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, sparking a heated online discussion.

Allen threaded his way through the Steelers' defense for a second-quarter touchdown that put the Bills ahead 21-0, using a change-of-direction maneuver

to go past defensive backs at the second level. However, several Steelers supporters criticized the action,

charging Allen of utilizing a "fake" slide to freeze Steelers defenders and aid in the long touchdown run.

A move banned at the collegiate level after being employed by now-Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett.

 Allen's run — the longest postseason rushing score in franchise history and the second-longest by a quarterback in NFL history —

drew widespread plaudits from the NFL community. Many Steelers fans were also outraged, accusing him of feigning to go down in order to avoid being struck by defenders.

"This is why the league can't baby QBs," one user remarked on X. "Allen slows down as if he is about to fall or slide

 but then continues to run. If he gets smoked, it's a punishment. "Tilted playing field."

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