Browns Coach Breaks Silence With 5-Word Statement After Firing

The Cleveland Browns shuffled their coaching staff on Tuesday, and former offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt gave a brief statement after being fired.

Stefanski, who has taken on the job of play-caller since his arrival, was responsible for this.

Van Pelt spoke briefly with ESPN reporter Jake Trotter after being let go. "On to the next one," Van Pelt informed Trotter.

T.C. McCartney, the tight ends coach, and Stump Mitchell, the running backs coach, were also removed.

"To clarify the Alex Van Pelt incident. According to various team sources, the Browns discussed a "

"reassignment of roles" with [Van Pelt] on their coaching staff. But eventually, the two sides decided to separate ways

 Trotter wrote. It's an intriguing move by the Browns, who have defied expectations with many significant injuries on offense.

The Browns spent the most of the season without Pro Bowl running back Nick Chubb, while quarterback Deshaun Watson appeared in only six games.

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