Buccaneers expect to lose a $82.5 million star to the Bears.

There are not many instances that will be more interesting this offseason in terms of NFL free agency than the one involving Mike Evans, a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Evans is 30 years old and is coming off his tenth consecutive season in Tampa Bay in which he reached 1,000 yards.

A player who was drafted and nurtured by the Buccaneers, he is a player who has seen the Buccaneers go through four different coaches and four different major starting

quarterbacks during his stay with the team. He is as much of an icon as any other player in Buccaneers history.

A forecast made by ESPN, on the other hand, suggests that Evans is in the midst of his final season with the Buccaneers. As part of its forecast for significant shifts in the National Football League

the website forecasts that the Chicago Bears will be the team to sign Evans following the impending playoff run of the squad.

The Bears will purchase a quarterback with the first overall pick and then make an investment in that quarterback by signing Mike Evans, who is considered to be one of the best wide receivers available as a free agent.

“Evans has a streak of ten consecutive seasons in which he compiles 1,000 yards, and he would be a great complement to DJ Moore in this offense,” analyst Aaron Schatz wrote on the website.

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