Dave Wannstedt: Hiring Kliff Kingsbury would be the ‘worst mistake' Bears could make

The Bears are expected to interview Kliff Kingsbury, the former Arizona Cardinals head coach

current USC quarterbacks coach, for the position of offensive coordinator, sources told NBC Sports Chicago.

However, one former Bears head coach strongly opposes Kingsbury's pass-heavy style.

He believes that a good run game should complement the passing game, rather than the other way around.

"I like Kliff, he's a good guy," Dave Wannstedt told Parkins & Spiegel on 670 The Score. 

But it is the worst error Eberlfus could make. Now, if they hire him as quarterbacks coach, it would be beneficial if they drafted Caleb Williams. "That makes sense."

Wannstedt is in a relationship with Kingsbury. According to Wannstedt, the former Bears head coach worked as a college football commentator 

while Kingsbury was coaching at Texas Tech. He loves Kingsbury, but he isn't certain he should be the offensive coordinator.

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