Deion Sanders trolled by top college football recruit, tosses Colorado hat for another team

Coach Deion Sanders knows that if he wants to have a successful second season with the Colorado Buffaloes, he will need to bring in the top recruits available. 

Enter Jac'Qawn McRoy, a four-star offensive tackle from Alabama who has been verbally committed to the Oregon Ducks since last summer. 

He did, however, pay a visit to the Colorado football program recently and lauded Coach Prime's leadership.  

The Buffaloes, as expected, are attempting to persuade McRoy to play for them by whatever means necessary, but the child was keeping most of his cards close to his chest.  

Finally, a press conference on Wednesday gave us a better idea of what McRoy's decision for the upcoming college season will be.  

The stage was prepared for the young player to declare his decision, which drew the attention of the whole college football world to the news conference.  

McRoy removed his Colorado Buffaloes hat from his head and flung it aside. Moments afterward, he donned an Oregon Ducks hat, and his decision became public.  

Coach Deion Sanders and the whole Buffaloes football program are devastated. This has to be viewed as a step down for Deion Sanders and his aspirations to compete for trophies in the NCAA. 

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