Dolphins Cheerleader Going Viral Ahead Of The 2023 NFL Season

Dolphins Cheerleader Jozie Schroder, a prominent cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, is clearly gearing up for the 2023 NFL season with unbridled enthusiasm. 

As the Dolphins prepared for their preseason opener against the Atlanta Falcons, Schroder took to Instagram to share her anticipation, posting a series of photos showcasing her in her Miami Dolphins attire.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Schroder couldn’t contain her excitement, exclaiming, “Miami Dolphins play football today. Say it louder for the people in the back.”

This exuberant message resonated with her followers and generated a substantial response, garnering over 2,000 comments and a host of likes.

Jozie Schroder has been an integral part of the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad for several years, consistently contributing her energy and spirit to support the team. 

Her dedication and commitment to her role have not gone unnoticed. In recognition of her outstanding work, Schroder received 

a coveted invitation to the 2023 Pro Bowl, a testament to her talent and contribution to the Dolphins’ vibrant game-day atmosphere.

However, the preseason opener did not deliver the desired outcome for the Dolphins or their enthusiastic cheerleader. The team faced the Atlanta Falcons and, regrettably, suffered a 19-3 loss

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