Everything you need to know about Ja Morant's 25-game suspension 

After nearly two months of study, the NBA imposed a 25-game suspension for Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant to begin the 2023-24 season on Friday.  

Morant, 23, was suspended for eight games in March after an Instagram Live video of him flashing a pistol in a Denver-area nightclub surfaced.  

Morant spent time in a Florida counseling center in the days that followed. Two months later, the two-time All-Star was recorded in a car posing with a pistol.  

Morant was suspended from team operations at the time, and he has remained so ever since.  

Ja Morant's 25-game suspension ranks 172nd in NBA history. "Ja Morant's decision to once again wield a firearm on social media is alarming and disconcerting given his similar conduct in March, 

for which he was already suspended eight games," NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement. "The possibility that other young people will emulate Ja's behavior is particularly concerning."   

Under these conditions, we feel a ban of 25 games is reasonable and demonstrates that dangerous and irresponsible firearms behavior will not be condoned."  

However, questions persist. Why are there 25 games? Morant's offseason and vacation plans are unknown. What will the Grizzlies do in his absence?  

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