Ex-Josh McDaniels QB Cam Newton Sends Strong Message to Antonio Pierce

Momentum is building for Antonio Pierce to become the full-time head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

He's had endorsements from current players like Maxx Crosby and club icons like Charles Woodson.

Pierce is the polar antithesis of the coach he succeeded, Josh McDaniels. The former is more of a motivator, whilst the latter is more cerebral.

However, one of McDaniels' former New England Patriots players believes Pierce would be a better match in Las Vegas

 Cam Newton, a former MVP quarterback, strongly endorsed Pierce.

"The Raiders kind of lineage has always been like gritty," Newton stated on the January 1 broadcast of the "4th&1" podcast

"You can bring a preppy motherf***er in there if you want." So, Antonio, you definitely deserve to be the official head coach. And I believe the fans want that s*** too."

Newton worked with McDaniels for a year and is well-versed in his methods. Given that McDaniels was fired before completing his second season in Las Vegas,

it's possible that he simply wasn't a good fit for the Raiders' approach. Pierce grew up in Los Angeles as a Raiders fan while the team was still based in Southern California,

so he is well acquainted with the culture. Fans and players have reacted positively to Pierce.

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