Fans are devastated by Jason Kelce’s retirement.

The National Football League (NFL) is reportedly about to lose Jason Kelce. After the Philadelphia Eagles suffered a defeat at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday, January 15, ESPN

reported that the center informed his teammates about his intention to retire from the sport of professional football.

During a private meeting in the Eagles locker room after the game, Kelce, who was visibly unhappy, informed his teammates, “No guys, not today,” and he declined to speak to the media.

In October 2023, Travis Kelce, the prominent tight end for the National Football League (NFL), made headlines as he hinted at the possibility that the ongoing season might be his last in professional football.

The speculation gained momentum when Kelce began dropping clues that he was contemplating a shift in focus toward his post-NFL career goals.

In an interview with The NFL Report earlier that month, Kelce reflected on the challenges and successes of the previous season.

“We took on a lot last year, and it ended up working out well for Travis and me at the end of the season,” Jason Kelce remarked, alluding to the significant

 endeavors he and his team undertook during the previous NFL season. The cryptic nature of his comments left fans and analysts intrigued,

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