George Pickens is going to get fined into oblivion for critique of refs in Bills lo

The Steelers' season ended Monday with a 31-17 loss to the No. 2 seed Buffalo Bills. Sub-zero temperatures, snowball missiles, and referee complaints made for a difficult afternoon.

Pittsburgh wideout George Pickens was most upset. The 22-year-old caught five passes for 50 yards on 11 targets. He fumbled too.

Fourth-quarter snowballs from the fans targeted Pickens in the end zone. Incomplete pass.

On fourth-and-three with under five minutes left, Bills DB Dane Jackson's uncalled pass interference prevented Pickens from catching.

It's hard to dislike Pickens. UGA product Pickens has had a difficult season, but his skill is apparent. He can open games with speed and contested catches.

Unfortunately, he failed to perform well when the Steelers needed it. 

Many blame Mason Rudolph and the Steelers' play-calling. Referees are even lied to. Pickens and fans were frustrated.

That so, to blame the refs for the loss is a reach, given the pride and frustration that come with losing at the top level. Refs didn't cost Pittsburgh this game. Steelers fought and lost. Bills outplayed them. Still, Pickens' missed call capped a difficult game. We can't expect him to stay objective after losing.

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