Grizzlies standout Ja Morant to have season-ending shoulder surgery after practice labrum injury.

Ja Morant's season ends.

The Memphis Grizzlies announced Monday night that Morant will undergo season-ending surgery for a torn labrum in his right shoulder. 

The team reported that Morant was injured in training on Saturday and had an MRI on Monday.

The practice incident that caused the injuries is unknown

A full recovery is predicted for the 24-year-old before next season

For flashing a pistol on social media, Morant was suspended for 25 games in June and played only nine games for the Grizzlies this season. It was Morant's latest off-court incident in a year. 

He was suspended for eight games last season after flashing a gun at a Colorado nightclub and allegedly assaulting a youngster at his house and threatening a Memphis mall security chief. 

He and his gang allegedly threatened Indiana Pacers workers following a heated game last season.

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