Ja Morant suspension: Grizzlies’ plans for NBA title chase takes a hit 

The suspension of a player for the Memphis franchise was not a surprise for an organization that has been in the news for the off-court concerns and on-court antics of its players.  

The future and the dreams of the Memphis Grizzlies to win the championship are in the hands of Ja Morant.  

As a result of the NBA’s decision, Morant will not participate in the first 25 games of the upcoming season.   

Ja Morant left a remark confirming his return date.the largest query every Memphis Grizzlies fan has been asking all season is, “while is Ja Morant coming again?” It seems like Ja Morant may additionally have spoiled that himself. 

Instagram person “shotbynie” posted a hype video of Ja Morant with the date of December 21st written at the video.   

The Memphis Grizzlies desperately need Ja Morant to go back. Even without Ja, the team has been hobbled with regular accidents all season.  

As a end result, the team that was once capable of survive without Ja Morant, now has a document of 5-14 without him.  

however, too much damage may have already been completed for a excessive playoff spot.  

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