New Fan Concept Art Shows David Corenswet's Superman: Legacy Suit With and Without Trunks

Fan concept art depicts many renditions of David Corenswet's Superman: Legacy costume.  

Superman: Legacy, directed by James Gunn, will be the first film in the new DC Universe when it opens in 2025. 

Although Corenswet's role as Superman will be leading, the actor's Superman suit is still a mystery, and fans are arguing passionately over what it should look like. 

@dcu_updates created several alternative interpretations of Corenswet's Man of Steel on Instagram in response to @21xfour's original Superman: Legacy suit concept image. 

The argument about Superman suit trunks has come back to life thanks to the latest film adaptation of the character. 

While some DC fans think Superman should wear the famous trunks in Superman: Legacy, others think the style is out of date. 

Both possibilities are depicted in the fan concept art, and Corenswet's Superman looks fantastic both with and without the trunks. 

Superman: Legacy, the first film in the new DCU, has a lot on the line.  

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