NFL quarterback confidence rankings: Are there any postseason passes to trust besides Patrick Mahomes?

Approximately how much self-assurance does each of the quarterbacks in the playoffs inspire?

Finally, it’s time for the playoffs. The American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC) have each set their fields 

and the countdown to their eliminations in the bracket format has begun. After a total of seventeen games and eighteen weeks of competition, each conference has sent

sent seven teams to their own individual tournament with a single elimination. As quietly as possible, the league has handed over the reins to a new generation of signal callers. 

This was solidified when Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys annihilated Tom Brady’s Buccaneers in the last wild-card round, which ultimately led to Brady’s retirement.

Now, the bulk of the high echelon positions are occupied by players who are in their late 20s. On the National Football Conference side, Prescott

Matt Stafford of the Rams are the graybeards, while on the American Football Conference side, Patrick Mahomes is the graybeard. 

The remainder of the field is comprised of a diverse group of young guns and hesitant veterans who are striving to either extend or establish their legacies.

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