NFL world reacts to horrible Chicago Bears news

It’s no secret that the Chicago Bears have failed hard under head coach Matt Eberflus, but one statistic illustrates just how bad things have gone in Chicago with him at the helm.

According to Chicago sports journalist Daniel Greenberg, the Bears have not only suffered under head coach Matt Eberflus, but they have the poorest record of any coach in the franchise’s history.

“Matt Eberflus is 3-16 as the head coach of the Chicago Bears and currently has the worst winning percentage of any coach that has ever coached the Bears,” Greenberg wrote in a tweet earlier in the week.

It’s terrible news for the Chicago Bears, who had hoped that Eberflus would help turn the organization around after years of hardship. As a result, NFL fans were quick to respond on social media.

The Bears are 0-2 on the season and weren’t particularly competitive in either of their two losses, so it’s safe to say that this season isn’t going as well as Bears supporters had hoped

We’ll have to wait and watch if the club can turn things around and win some games this season.

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