NFL world reacts to the death of Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron “passed away peacefully in his sleep,” the Atlanta Braves announced Friday. The reason of death was unknown.

In 1974, Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record of 714 home runs and concluded his career with 755. Anti-Black baseball fanatics threatened Aaron with death to prevent him from breaking Ruth's record.

“I don’t want them to forget Ruth,” Aaron, now second to Barry Bonds (762), remarked. “I want them to remember me.”

“Hank Aaron is near the top of everyone’s list of all-time great players,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said. Only his dignity and ethics surpassed his legendary playing career. 

Hank represented the finest of our game, and his overall excellence inspired Americans and fans worldwide. 

His career shows that a humble worker may make history and shine like no other.

“Hank Aaron’s incredible talent on the baseball field was only matched by his dignity and character, which shone brightly, not only here in Cooperstown, but with every step he took,” Baseball Hall of Fame head Jane Forbes Clark said. 

“His courage in pursuing the game's all-time home run record inspired millions of people inside and outside of sports to achieve their greatest dreams. Cooperstown will always remember his generosity and remarkable achievements.”

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