Ryan Gosling Reflects on Long Film Career, From Being an Astronaut and a Getaway Driver to Becoming "A 70-Year-Old Crotchless Doll"

During his Saturday night honors address at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, Ryan Gosling took time to consider his arduous journey to become Ken.

Gosling pondered, "Up until this point, I've only ever thought about just how much cinema had done for me; 

 I had never really thought about what I've done for cinema," after accepting the Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Film at a banquet in Santa Barbara.

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He laughed and said, "I didn't think it was a problem but my teachers did and I just thought they were being a bunch of uptight mother- wait." 

" when recalling how much of a swearer he was in third grade. and had academic difficulties until one of his professors arranged for regular trips to the

library and arranged for him to be able to borrow a movie from the library's collection for each book he read.Gosling went on, "

The movies were teaching me how to dream, or how to dream bigger, anyway, 

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