Shedeur Sanders Will Return to Deion's Colorado, Forgo 2024 NFL Draft

Shedeur Sanders, the Colorado quarterback, will return to the school for his senior season.

In an October appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders stated that both of his kids, Shedeur and Shilo, would have to wait until 2025 to advance to the next level.

Shedeur may have had to ponder long and hard about his decision, however.

The 6'2" signal-caller's draft status skyrocketed early in the season after Colorado went 3-0. During that time, he passed for 1,251 yards, ten touchdowns, and one interception. 

 He was projected as the eighth overall pick in Bleacher Report's first 2024 NFL mock draft of the year.

The buffaloes swiftly tumbled to the ground. The losses began to mount up, owing in part to their poor offensive line play, which harmed Sanders' performance. 

When he wasn't being hit, he was frequently flushed from the pocket and forced to throw on the move.

In light of the fact that things have been getting worse and worse for the Grizzlies, this season has simply been that kind of season. The ban that Ja Morant received from the NBA caused him to miss 25 games at the beginning of the season. 

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