The 5 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs According to Astrology 

An art of manipulation. No matter how you look at it, manipulating someone without their knowledge takes great talent.  

Many times, we recognize we're being exploited yet do what our manipulator wants. Each of us possesses this gift, although not everyone is good at it.  

Zodiac signs are skilled manipulators. These indications may control anyone. Manipulative zodiac signs like to control everything, from job to relationships to the bedroom.  

Leo is the smartest manipulator. They want only wonderful things to happen to them. They are jealous zodiacs because they need attention and recognition.  

Scorpion topping the most manipulative zodiac signs list isn't surprising. Anyone who has known a Scorpion well knows their superb manipulating techniques.  

Aries is overly egotistical. They have a deity mentality and think they'll obtain everything they want.  

Social butterflies, Geminis. Do you ever wonder how they can become friends with anyone? They generally do it because they can manipulate people into liking them.  

Cancerians are masters at victimization. They are naturally emotional and sensitive, but they have mastered leveraging these emotions to their advantage.  

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