The NFL community is offering prayers for the esteemed Cowboys star.

Michael Irvin, a renowned former player of the Dallas Cowboys, conveyed distressing news that prompted the NFL community to express their condolences and well wishes.  

The prominent wide receiver shared a video on his Instagram account, announcing his intention to dine with his mother.  

The subsequent remarks are highly distressing. The former receiver roused the NFL world to extend their best wishes.  

Irvin mentioned that the physicians were endeavoring to transfer his mother to hospice care as he was on his way to the hospital to have a supper with her.   

Following the demise of Irving's biological mother in 2015, there is now certainty regarding the person he is mentioning in the video.  

Irvin did not specify whether he was referring to another family member, but the affection he has for this person is profound.  

Dez Bryant, a former receiver for the Cowboys, posted a video on Twitter and tagged Irvin, urging others to express their support and offer prayers to the individual identified as "88".  

The NFL community expressed their solidarity with the receiver with texts that conveyed their sentiments.  

Supporters gathered to show their solidarity with the ex-receiver and expressed their well-wishes. A user is offering prayers for Irvin's mother.  

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