Vikings linked to $242 million Super Bowl quarterback, insider says.

Moving from one expensive senior quarterback to another may not appear to be a realistic plan for the Minnesota Vikings;

but, several league sources regard the Vikings trading Kirk Cousins for Russell Wilson as a "logical fit" for Minnesota.

On January 16, ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported that Wilson, who is slated to be released by the Denver Broncos

after just two seasons of his five-year, $242.6 million contract extension, would be "intrigued" by the Vikings.

"League sources see several logical fits for Wilson, who could thrive in an offense that schemes clearly defined throws off play-action and the running game," Fowler wrote in his article.

"Don't be surprised if Wilson is interested in Minnesota as a free agent, presuming Kirk Cousins does not re-sign with the Vikings. 

Kevin O'Connell hails from the Sean McVay throwing tree, which emphasizes quarterback efficiency. Wilson would have a lot of weapons in a team that includes Justin Jefferson, T.J.

Interestingly, Fowler identified the Vikings as a potential option for Wilson; yet, several factors contradict his assessment.

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