What your zodiac sign signifies from the Saturn direct in Aquarius. 

Zodiac fans, take note: On jan 14, Saturn will go direct in Aquarius. Since June 17, the planet has been in retrograde motion. 

Saturn is commonly linked to justice and karma. It is infamous for being a "tough taskmaster." 

Sign of Aries. As you speak, you create. Even though it may have seemed like purgatory for the last few months, you have been polished into pure gold.  

You've faced severe financial and self-worth setbacks in the last few months.  

This year has been a long, dark tunnel for you, Gemini, but you can now see the light at the end of it. 

It's possible that many facets of your life, particularly your relationships, have undergone a thorough karmic cleansing. 

At last, you're discovering how to prosper. For the past few years, you have been addressing issues with money. 

family dynamics, and ancestry patterns; this year, however, things might have been a little more intense. 

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