Which is healthier: red or white wine?

It is often a matter of personal preference whether you favor white or red wine. But which should you choose if you want the healthiest option?

Red wine has received a lot of attention due to its research-backed ability to lessen your risk of heart disease and increase your longevity. 

Grapes are gathered, crushed, and fermented in buckets or vats. The fermentation process converts the natural sugars in grape juice into alcohol 

Fermentation can happen naturally, but winemakers sometimes add yeast to assist manage the process.The crushed grapes are pressed to remove the skins and any debris.  

Whether this procedure is performed prior to or after fermentation, as well as grape color, influences whether the wine is red or white. 

Before fermentation, grapes are pressed to make white wine. After fermentation, red wine is frequently pressed. The wine is then matured in stainless steel or oak barrels until it is ready to be bottled. 

The primary distinction between white and red wine is the color of the grapes used. It also depends on whether or not the grape juice is fermented with or without the grape skin. 

Before fermentation, grapes are pressed and the skins, seeds, and stems are removed to make white wine. 

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